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Is our budget too small?

If you feel you have a realistic budget then you should take advantage of our Free Consultation. If you have no budget we would prefer that you didn’t contact us, but thanks for dropping by.

Cloud Services

Which cloud services do you use?

Being free to choose the best technical solution appropriate to your needs allows us to employ leading cloud services that meet the security and data management standards required to build business class solutions. These include Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, Google and Zapier connectors to name a few.


Do you charge for your consultancy?

We do not charge for the initial consultation which is arranged at your premises, once we have discussed your needs.


Where do we start?

Our simple approach to requirements gathering is simple and effective. From the first call to the free consultation through to our proposal, we work with you to fully understand your organisation. This understanding ensures that we are able to deliver the solution you need.


Can we start small?

Yes – we encourage you to begin with our INTRODUCTION level of service, where we identify and ease data management shortfalls at minimal investment. We believe in giving you the confidence in choosing our company as your business process management developers.


Is the data safe in the cloud?

Data stored in the cloud is in an encrypted form meaning it is unreadable without the correct access rights. In addition, there are other ways we boost data security such as multi-factor authentication and location restrictions.

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